A journey through transition – Exploring gender identity

This course explores the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, up-to-date trans+ and non-binary terminology, focusing on how your organisation can become more inclusive and accessible to trans and non-binary communities.

£350 | 2 hours

Changing the narrative – An effective response to gender critical thinking

This training delves into an in-depth exploration of gender critical rhetoric, focusing on strategies to effectively respond to gender critical communications. By examining the foundations of gender critical thinking and its implications, we aim to tackle and challenge this rhetoric while considering the potential ripple effect on broader societal conversations.

£350 | 2 hours

LGBT awareness – Inclusion in the workplace

This course explores terminology used within LGBTQ+ culture and focuses on contemporary issues those communities are currently facing. The training goes on to examine how mainstream services can better equip themselves to help break down those barriers and foster a more inclusive working environment.

£350 | 2 hours

LGBT awareness – Inclusion in schools

As we celebrate a great step forwards for LGBT inclusion in England’s schools, we want to support our local Teesside schools to become inclusive for young people who identify as LGBTQ+.

From September 2020 all secondary schools will be required to teach pupils about sexual orientation and gender identity, and all primary schools will be required to teach about different families, which can include LGBTQ+ families.

Our specialist team have created a training package that is directly tailored to help meet national requirements.

£350 | 2 hours

Custom course – Tailored specifically for your organisation

By offering customised LGBT awareness training, this program ensures that participants receive content and insights that are directly relevant to your organisation’s unique context. Through education, empathy, and active engagement, this training cultivates a culture of inclusivity, where all employees can thrive authentically and contribute to a diverse and supportive workplace environment. Previous requests have included: Hate crime, domestic abuse and support in health care.


Terms & conditions

  • There will be an additional charge if there is a need for travel and/or accommodation.
  • Lunch and room hire is not included (if you require us to source a room and refreshments you will be charged an additional cost).
  • Each session can be attended by a maximum of 25 delegates.
  • Video or other tape recordings of the training are not permitted without the consent from LGBT Advance. Reproduction of any training material without the consent of LGBT Advance is not permitted. Copyright laws apply.

Charity discount available on all courses

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