Hart Gables took the initiative to establish a fundraising project aimed at enabling their organisation to achieve financial self-sufficiency. They founded LGBT Advance Training and Consultancy in July 2018, and since then, it has evolved into a locally and nationally endorsed service, having trained over 3500 delegates across the UK.

All proceeds go directly back into the service, allowing Hart Gables to meet the needs of communities who are hard to reach and underrepresented.

Where do the raised funds go?

Our team works with some of the North East’s most marginalised communities.

Every pound raised through LGBT Advance goes directly back into the service, thereby providing essential support to individuals living with poor mental health, those who are seeking asylum, and those who are living with physical and hidden disabilities. Many of our service users face the harsh realities of recurring hate crimes, discrimination, poverty, and social isolation.

Money raised by LGBT Advance allows us to provide service users with tea, coffee and refreshments, inclusive events that create opportunities to make new friends, contributions to travel expenses to and from support groups and, most importantly, the money raised allows us to provide activities that help build self-esteem and improve emotional well-being.

Image of LGBT Advance trainers delivering a workshop. Image of service users holding letters that spell out thank you.
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On behalf of the team and the wonderful people who access Hart Gables, we would like to say thank you. We are delighted that you selected LGBT Advance as your trusted LGBTQ+ training provider.
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